Who Are We

Kitchen Dunya is a company whose roots can be traced back to the early 1960s, with the aim of providing entrepreneurs with quality kitchen products at honest prices. Initially, the company produced kitchen utensils and supplies from the wholesale HUB of Juna Market, but soon caught the attention of restaurant owners and retailers of foodservice operations.

Since then, Kitchen Dunya has become one of the top restaurant supply companies in Pakistan by offering a variety of products, excellent after-sales service, and comprehensive product information. The company provides a wide variety of hospitality equipment all over Pakistan and has brand partnerships with numerous food outlets in the country.

Mission & Vision

The brand of ‘Kitchen Dunya’ was launched to cater to the growing retail market with it’s mission to ‘Punctually provide the right product at a price which drives our customer’s profitability’.

Kitchen Dunya’s primary aim is to design kitchens that meet the health and safety requirements, which drives them to constantly upgrade their products according to technological changes, latest food trends, and food safety requirements. They offer kitchen solutions for hotels, bakeries, catering companies, restaurants, cafeterias, corporates, schools, hospitals, and messes. Majority of the solutions at Kitchen Dunya are available in ready stock, and their pricing is competitive in the market.

In 2023 Team Kitchen Dunya has planned to launched new export oriented brands primarliy focussed on innovation and meeting the customer’s requirement using latest technology and artifical intelligence.They have eclosed designer room and also provide cosultancy and guidance in setting up a new food oulet,franchise,cafeteria,catering or food preperation & serving solutions in corporate sector. The company aspires to become ‘The leading Commercial Kitchen Solution Supplier in Pakistan and beyond,’ which is also their vision statement.